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In 2003, the Los Angeles City Council voted to change the name of South Central Los Angeles to South Los Angeles. It remains an attack on the community’s historical image and focuses on comforting a gentrifying populace rather than paying homage to a predominantly black area. The stories below explore the district's diverse social and cultural history proving that South Central Los Angeles is far more complex than its perpetuated stereotypes. There is an abundance of perseverance, vitality, and love in the crevasses of the communities. Erasing A Name: Stories of South Central, is an audio visual project that provides a glimpse into the memories and stories of my old community.


South Central Los Angeles Neighborhoods

Adams/Normandie - Athens - Baldwin Hills/Crenshaw- Broadway/Manchester -Central/Alameda - Chesterfield Square - Exposition Park - Florence- Gramercy Park - Green Meadow - Harvard Park - Historic South Central - Hyde Park - Jefferson Park - Leimert Park - Manchester Square - South Park - University Park - Vermont Knolls - Vermont Square - Vermont Vista - Vermont/Slauson - View Park/Windsor Hills - Watts.







"...Something wonderful happened. Not only did they tell stories, they gained a sense of self confidence that they never had before. These were mostly women, few men, but they were people who were now retired, their children were grown and gone, some of them had lost their spouses either through death or divorce, they maybe were volunteering at a hospital or a school. But for the most part they thought their lives were all behind them,  been there done that. Their value had decreased because they were no longer parenting, or working, or wifing, or husbanding. But all of a sudden here was a program that valued their life experiences. They realized that they were a community of storytellers with similar backgrounds and their audiences were a community of listeners who also shared their backgrounds. So these people took on an air of importance that they never had before.. "

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"...So I thought in my head if I tried to defend this guy, which would be the right thing to do, people might think I’m with him, they don’t know who I’m really affiliated with. I could either help him or I could just keep walking. On that day I chose to be a coward. That still bugs me. But that was, that was something we had to deal with beyond learning about the quadratic formula was, I can’t wear my red shoes today..."

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"When I went swimming that was the only time that it actually felt normal to not be able to see."

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"My family focus was to make sure I had a regular life. That meant everyone needed to come together and help with the care of the baby. I wanted to immediately go to work, I didn’t want any public assistance...I knew I didn’t want to be the stereotypical teen mom so I worked hard. I set goals to make sure I didn’t become just another statistic."

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"When she was an infant and she couldn’t even speak, it was as though we could still communicate with each other."

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"Feeling lost once is hard enough."

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"I like to look at them but they bring back lots of memories." 

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"My brother started feeling guilty…he was like 'We should go clean up, because we actually tore up our neighborhood and we have no place to shop, we have no place to do anything. We should go give back into the community."

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"He surprised me with a birthday invitation that had a rat eating cheese that was sent to everybody…then once they saw that it was like, "Ok, he's Big Cheese now. It's official'..."

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