Images below video | Published in The Atlantic 

Hillside High School in Durham, N.C,  is a predominantly African American school. It has one of the top high school marching bands in the state. This is not a story about an underfunded program or urban youth succeeding in band as a way to escape violence. Marching Together is a visual exploration of what it means to be young, talented, and black. It is a story that captures the culture, talent, and camaraderie within the marching band.

The band members sit, eyes glued to their music stands, rehearsing both the oldies and the newbies. The heavy bass of the drum-line resonates throughout the campus parking lot and a trail of laughter follows the dancers while they move to the sounds around them.

While individuality and passion are crucial elements, there is a sense of commonality and teamwork when the students gather together. One student desires to pursue music in college, another plans to study aerospace engineering, and another broadcast journalism. On the field and in the practice room, the dedication and persistence the students devote to the marching band is admirable.